Monday, March 10, 2014

Mental Break Down

Yup, I had one.

 On Sunday afternoon driving home from my parents.

I went out to the store earlier that day and was trying on jeans.  The size I had to try on was a 16 and in dress pants, that size wouldn't work in a few styles, and I lost it.  That is the biggest size pants I have ever worn in my entire life. And I will NOT got larger, and I will not buy more pants.

So I decided right then, I WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING!  Another blogger has been truly inspirational to me in her weight loss journey, which has helped and motivate me to do this too.

I decided that I was going to take my dogs for a longer walk (not just so they can pee) every morning and go to the gym 3 nights a week.  I bought a nice water bottle, which I would like to drink at least 3 bottles of everyday.  And no soda. I have go over week with that one. I still have a coffee and tea, or a glass of ice tea a day... not tryin to kill myself here.

And today I started and I did it.  Queen of HATING mornings, woke up at 5:45 and walked the boys a mile before I showered.  I walked a mile before the sun came up :)  Day 1 accomplished!

I got this! Send positive vibes.