Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolution Into Action

So last night I was able to put a New Year’s Resolution into action.  A neighbor (another person who lives in my apartment complex) was at the laundry card dispenser, which is across the street from my house. The guy asked me how it worked and if it took dollars.  The smallest dollar domination it takes is $5, which is really annoying.  Well he only had ones, and I never have cash.  He said he just needed to put his clothes in the dryer, which is $1.68.  I told him he could just use my laundry card.  He seemed blown away with my generosity.  

I had no problem at all lending this man, who introduced his name as Gary; my laundry card… but I was more nervous being outside around 8:30pm in the dark talking to a stranger.  Luckily I had the dogs with me, as I had just taken them in the car for an errand.  When I came back out with my card, I brought Freddie with me, just in case something went ary.  Then I asked him to just put the card under my windshield wiper.  Honestly, I felt terrible thinking and feeling that way, but a woman cannot be too careful, especially if she is alone.

I felt great about my first good deed of the New Year, and glad all went well and Gary got his laundry.  


  1. :) sounds like you found a good balance between doing a good dead and being safe! I forgot to say on your other post...your hair looks fantastic!


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