Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally Friday

It is Finally Friday! Woo Hoo! Sometimes it seems that this day will never come!  Today I had a 2 hour delay into work due to sleep, and ice.  It was nice to take my time in the morning and snuggle with Freddie. 

Neal has been feeling under the weather all week, and we have been bums.  I did keep my resolution and cook dinner every night this week, expect last night.  We were supposed to have a Game Night with friends, but it didn't end up happening.  Pizza was already planned for Thursday, and we stuck to it. 

I love this man!
  • Neal took about a months worth of clothes to the laundry mat...  I was home alone!
  • Did some picking up around the house, and started my new Rod Stewart Biography!
  • I straighted my hair last night. It still looked pretty good and I kept it most of the week. I have super thick hair and it kind of took forever, but I did get a TON of compliments on it. 

My Hair if getting long! EEK!

  • I made homemade chicken strips (coated with ritz crackers) with my special mac and cheese and green beans! It was delicious.
  • I started to fold that months worth of laundry... and it is still in process
  • Wednesday:
  • Did grocery shopping at Super Wal Mart. Stuck to my list, didn't go over budget and we FINALLY have food in the house.
  • I made a bag dinner of Asian Chicken Stir Fry and made Crab Watons

  • Ordered Pizza for our favorite place! Mr. Pizza, where an extra large pick up pizza is only $7.99
  • I ran the vacuum
  • Crocheted and Watched TV

One of my good friends is expecting twins, and I am making the babies blankets

  • Tonight on my way home I am stopping at Target!!! Woo Hoo! I am getting a hostess gift for a brunch tomorrow and a gift for my friends little girl who will be at brunch.  
  • Tonight's dinner will be easy for a cold night- soup and grilled cheese!
  • I need to finish laundry folding and put it away, and catch up with my DVR.


  1. Go you for sticking to your plan of cooking at home! We are never good at sticking to that plan. BUT now that we have a child, I really really REALLY want to cook more at home!

  2. Impressive work cooking each evening! Those chicken tenders with macaroni and cheese and green beans sound fantastic! So cozy for a winter dinner :) Haha and stopping at Target always deserves a "woo hoo"! It's the happiest place in the world.

  3. Great job sticking to your budget I'm so bad about that!


Thanks for the love,